Bronx NYC Scooter Crash Lawyer Has an Update for New Yorkers

The viability of the pilot program in the Bronx, will lead the way for future scooter-share programs in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, discusses Bronx scooter crash lawyer. NYC DOT’s Scooter-Share Pilot Program is Coming to The Bronx For a Test Drive Updates Cyclist and Attorney Glenn Herman! Manhattan based cyclist and attorney Glenn Herman, a … Read More

NYC Trip Slip and Fall Events

Glenn Herman a New York City slip and fall accident attorney discusses the dangers of walking on snowy and icy streets and sidewalks and climbing snowy and icy stairs during NYC winters. As we face yet another New York winter filled with snowstorms and cold temperatures, it is a good time to consider the safety … Read More

How to File a Claim For Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A wrongful death lawsuit can sometimes result in settlements often worth hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars. What is Wrongful Death[1]? A wrongful death lawsuit is filed when someone dies due to the intentional or unintentional negligent act of another party. This is the remedy afforded by the Civil Justice System as laid … Read More

Manhattan Personal Injury Lawyer Glenn Herman Shares Insight Into the 2020 Future Administration

What Can New Yorker’s Expect From a New Biden Harris Democratic Administration v. a Continuation of a Trump Pence Republican Administration  Democrat v. Republican in New York City Three things a New Yorker should know with a Biden/Democratic vs Trump/Republican Administration 1.The Covid 19 Global Pandemic: The Coronavirus has, to date, killed over 234,000 Americans. … Read More

New York Bicycle Accident Lawyer Hired by Injured Victim

Cyclist Scott Dinhofer of Westchester County facing surgery and thousands of dollars in medical bills. A cyclist in Westchester County, New York was badly injured while riding a popular trail. Scott Dinhofer hit a hazardous bump while riding his bike on the North County Trailway in Millwood last month. He says he is now facing … Read More