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*The above results were obtained by Mr. Herman on cases he personally handled while associated with other law firms before the opening of Herman & Herman, P.C.
Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

Medical Malpractice Injuries

Birth Injury in Bronx Hospital Bronx County Supreme Court Settlement $6 Million.
A baby suffered brain damage during delivery in a Bronx Hospital. Because the doctors failed to perform a cesarean section, the baby was denied oxygen and left him with essentially no motor function requiring around the clock care.
Injury During Surgery in Manhattan Hospital Settlement $5 Million.
Young woman undergoing surgery developed spinal hematoma causing nerve damage to legs. Treating doctors did not timely perform testing to diagnose her condition. Patient not taken back into the operating room timely to reverse the nerve damage. Client paralyzed from waist.
Manhattan Women Suffers Cosmetic Deformity After Botched Plastic Surgery Settlement $2,650,000.
Plastic surgeons who mangled a cosmetic procedure caused a woman to sustain a lower extremity deformity.
Upstate Women Suffers Permanent Nerve Damage During Spinal Surgery Settlement $1,200,000.
While undergoing a spine surgery to treat a lower back injury, the client’s doctor caused a metal screw to hit a spinal nerve causing nerve damage. The case settled during jury selection.
Woman Dies in Nassau County Hospital Settlement $1,100,000.
A 52-year-old woman’s primary care doctors failed to diagnose that she was suffering from endocarditis (an infection in the inner lining of the heart). She was subsequently admitted to a Long Island Hospital and passed away due to complications from heart surgery.
Man Injured While Patient in Hospital Settlement $475,000.
A patient at a hospital fell from his bed when the hospital staff did not take the required fall procedures. The fall caused the client to undergo a hip replacement surgery.
Foreign Object Left in Patient During Surgery in a Manhattan Hospital Settlement $325,000.
During an operation, a surgical cloth was left in a young woman’s abdomen. The patient was subsequently readmitted to the hospital and underwent a second procedure to remove the cloth.

Slip, Trip And Fall ( Premises Liability) Injuries

Injury to Right Eye in Brooklyn Apartment Settlement $ 3,250,000.
Three year old child injured in the family’s apartment from a metal latch protruding from the closet door. Multiple surgeries could not restore vision to the eye. The litigation lasted over seven years with many experts retained to show the fault of the landlord and the financial losses the child would sustain in the future. The settlement was structured so the child would receive annual payments for the next 40 years.
Manhattan Women Injured in Her Apartment by Contractors Jury Verdict $1,100,000.
An 87 year old woman slipped and fell in her apartment on a plastic drop sheet left by contractors during renovation work. The client sustained a fracture to her hip requiring hip replacement surgery. A Bronx jury awarded the client the above amount for her pain and suffering.
Brooklyn Man Injures Knee in Fall From Loading Dock $817,000 Judgment.
A worker fell from a loading dock when the tractor-trailer he was unloading moved without warning to him. The worker injured his right knee and underwent an arthroscopic surgery. The trucking company went out of business and the case was pursued against the insurance company for the tractor-trailer to collect court judgment.
Westchester woman breaks ankle in a parking lot Settlement $350,000.
a 45-year-old woman slipped and fell on an algae condition in a shopping center parking fracturing her ankle and requiring two surgeries. We determined that the algae was caused by runoff water from the lawn in front of a Chase bank and retained a safety expert to support this theory. The case settled during jury selection.
Manhattan Man Injured by Revolving Door Settlement $307,500.
A man leaving a building through a revolving door was struck by a panel of the revolving door when another person was entering the building. The client was thrown to the sidewalk and sustained a broken hip. Our door expert determined that the door’s braking mechanism was not functioning properly.
Manhattan Man Falls on Stairs Walking Into Subway Station Settlement $250,000.
A man walking from the sidewalk into the subway sustained fractures to his leg when he fell due to a worn and slippery metal step. Our expert determined that the step was unsafe and dangerous. The New York City Transit Authority settled the case for the client’s pain and suffering.
Manhattan Man Falls on Ramp Rupturing His Right Quadriceps Leg Tendon Settlement $175,000.
A worker slipped as he was walking down a metal loading dock ramp, causing his right quadriceps tendon to rupture requiring him to undergo quadricep repair surgery and missing a year from work. We immediately retained a safety expert to prove the metal ramp was worn and unsafe and were able to obtain a settlement.
Woman Trips and Falls on Manhattan Sidewalk Breaking Wrist – Settlement $75,000.
A Manhattan woman walked out of a grocery store one evening and tripped on a raised sidewalk flag as she was attempting to hail a cab. Our investigation showed that the hazard existed for many years. New York City law requires most landlords and building owners to keep the sidewalks surrounding their property in a safe condition.
Manhattan Child Injured in Daycare Playground Settlement $48,500.
A four year old child fractured her shoulder in the playground of a Manhattan daycare center. In claiming a lack of supervision on the part of the daycare center and defective playground equipment allowed us to obtain a settlement for the child.

Car, Truck, Bus and Motor Vehicle Injuries

Westchester Woman Struck by Van-Settlement $325,000.
A woman walking across a local street in the crosswalk was struck by a van and knocked to the pavement. The van driver said he did not see her. The women underwent knee replacement surgery. The case settled during a pretrial conference.
A Manhattan Struck by Commuter Bus Settlement $150,000.
A young man lawfully riding his bicycle on a Manhattan avenue, was struck by a bus and required nasal and shoulder surgeries. The bus driver claimed the bicycle rider rode into the bus but eyewitness testimony showed the bus driver was a fault.
Cruise Ship Doctor “Doored” While Riding Bicycle in Alaska Settlement $95,000.
A doctor of a cruise ship was riding a bicycle on a local street when the driver of a minivan opened the door into the doctor’s right hand causing metacarpal bone fractures requiring surgery for the implantation of wires in his hand.


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