Manhattan Slip and Fall Injury lawyer Glenn Herman offers tips on NYC Winter Slip and Fall Injury and Accidents!


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Manhattan Slip and Fall Injury lawyer Explains – Most Common Winter Injury Hazards in NYC 

Most of us, fortunately, get through the winter season without experiencing some form of painful injury.  Some of us, however, are not as lucky and suffer a cold weather related injury.

According to The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), the winter season is doubly menacing, increasing the chances of becoming a victim of and suffering a painful injury compared to the warmer seasons. Winters are dangerous due to slippery, icy and poor weather conditions. 

Some injuries are easy to get through while others potentially can have a long term impact on your everyday life in several ways. So it is wise to be informed of the possible dangers surrounding winter activity so you can add an extra layer of safety to your checklist of winter enjoyment in order to avoid injury. 

We will explore and talk about the factors of the more frequent hazards leading to injuries. Following are some of the most common winter injury hazards in NYC you should be familiar with to help you avoid, if possible, all types of injuries at all costs.  

  • Slip and Fall Injuries in New York City 

Slipping and tripping leads in most cases to falling, especially when walking on pavement, sidewalks and paths, climbing stairs or descending staircases where ice and snow have accumulated. These conditions are extremely common, making the surface icy and ideal for a slip and fall event to occur and where the ground is not your friend. Almost everyone has experienced it at some point in their lives. These fall accidents can produce severe injuries, everything from bruises, sprains, broken bones, fractures or shattered hips. The best…


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