How Does New York City Law Define E-Bikes?

Definitions of a bicycle in New York City law are surprisingly detailed. Learn more here. New York E-Bike Personal Injury Attorneys Glenn & Robin Herman E-bikes and e-scooters are becoming increasingly popular across New York City as individuals and lawmakers move away from automobile traffic and towards more sustainable forms of transportation. With the introduction … Read More

NYC Bicycle Accident Lawyer Glenn Herman Reports

This new law will go a long way in preventing injuries to pedestrians and even to cyclists who are often also injured when there is a collision with a pedestrian New NYC Law Requires All Drivers Cyclists to Stop for Pedestrians, Mayor Pledges to Make Roads Safer — Insight from NYC Personal Injury Attorney Glenn … Read More

New York City Bicycle Injury Lawyer Glenn Herman Weighs In on NYC Parks Department Bans E-Bikes

Herman represents injured cyclists, e-scooter riders, skateboarders and pedestrians among other accident victims in New York City. NYC Parks Department Bans E-Bikes Despite Legalization in the Rest of New York City  – Bicycle Injury Lawyer Glenn Herman Weighs In New York, NY — Signs posted around New York’s parks inform citizens of the Parks Department’s … Read More

NYC bike accident attorney Glenn Herman launches new ebook “Pandemic and New York City Bicycle Injuries 2021”

Glenn A. Herman, a New York City Bike Accident Injury Lawyer Educates New Yorkers on what most people and law firms should know, but don’t necessarily realize. In the Bicycle Injuries and Accidents ebook, attorney Glenn Herman educates New Yorkers on what they should know about bicycle injuries and accidents but don’t necessarily realize. NYC … Read More

Update: NYC Bike Ride Event September 25, 2021

New York City Bike Accident Lawyers – Team Herman is riding the Begin Spin 25 Mile course. New York City based accident lawyer, Glenn Herman, a prominent Manhattan personal injury lawyer who is passionate about cycling, and according to family, spends way too much time watching Le Tour de France, will be riding alongside a … Read More

NYC Bus Accident Injury Accident Lawyer Glenn A. Herman Files Lawsuit

LAWSUIT FILED: JTR Transportation Corp. Sued For Injuries Caused By August 14th Thruway Rollover. Supreme Court Westchester County Index No. 61952/2021 Manhattan, NY — New York Personal Injury Attorney Glenn A. Herman has filed a lawsuit against JTR Transportation Corp and the driver of one of their buses after an accident caused 57 hospitalizations. Because … Read More