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What Should Your Compensation Include In A Personal Injury Case Involving An E-Bike? NYC Personal Injury Lawyers Answer

In any personal injury case involving an e-bike, compensation should include medical expenses, future medical expenses, and the cost of rehabilitation.

A good attorney should know how to obtain all the compensation you deserve in any personal injury case.

In this article,  Glenn and Robin Herman, NYC-based e-bike personal injury lawyers specializing in bicycle and e-bike accident cases, break down the three areas for which you should be compensated.

Medical expenses. You should be compensated for all medical costs incurred due to the accident. This should include ambulance rides to medical facilities, surgeries, medical equipment, follow-up visits to your doctor’s office, prescriptions, and other medical costs.

Future medical expenses. The settlement or verdict should include all future medical costs incurred due to the accident. It is unlikely that you will have seen the full extent of the accident’s healthcare costs by the time your lawsuit is filed.

The cost of rehabilitation. Physical therapy and other forms of rehabilitation can be costly, so past and future expenses must be factored into your settlement or verdict. Similarly, an e-bike accident may necessitate rehabilitation services such as physical therapy.

Other areas of compensation include lost wages, loss of potential future earnings, pain and suffering, and wrongful death.

If you’ve been injured in an e-bike accident, our e-bike personal injury lawyers in New York City can help you get the compensation you deserve. Fill out this form for a free online consultation. Alternatively, you can reach us at 718-590-5616 for our Bronx location and 212-966-1928 for our Manhattan location.

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