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New York City based Car Injury Attorneys Glenn And Robin Herman Explain The Causes Of Sideswipe Crashes in this PR.

Sideswipe accidents, or sideswipes, are a type of collision that happens when two vehicles traveling in the same direction collide with each other. Sideswipes can range from minor fender-benders to serious collisions resulting in severe injuries and property damage. In this article, personal injury attorneys Glenn and Robin Herman discuss the causes of sideswipe accidents, their effects, and the compensation that victims may be eligible for in order to help prevent them.

Manhattan Personal Injury Attorneys Glenn & Robin Herman
Manhattan Personal Injury Attorneys Glenn & Robin Herman

Causes of Sideswipe Accidents

Sideswipe accidents are often caused by driver negligence or spacial miscalculations. In addition to distracted and reckless driving, common causes include:

  • Failure to yield.

  • Failure to properly adjust speed when changing lanes or merging.

  • Poorly navigated turns at intersections.

  • Failure to check blindspots, or riding in another driver’s blindspot for an extended period of time.

  • Inattentively entering the stream of traffic from a parallel parking spot.

Effects of Sideswipe Accidents

Sideswipe accidents can cause a variety of physical, emotional, and financial consequences for victims. Common injuries resulting from sideswipes include whiplash, broken bones, and cuts. In more serious cases, victims could suffer from traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord injuries.

Furthermore, many victims of sideswipe accidents will experience psychological trauma such as depression and anxiety due to the incident. Finally, there can be substantial financial hardship for those affected by sideswipe accidents due to lost income, medical bills, and property damage.

Sideswipe Accidents Can Be Extremely Dangerous

Although sideswipe accidents are often considered minor because neither car involved collides head-first with the other, there…


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