Bronx Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney Glenn A. Herman Explains Who is Liable For Car Accidents Caused By Road Hazards?


Bronx Motor vehicle Accident Attorney Glenn A. Herman Discusses Who Can Be Held Responsible And Liable For Car Accidents Caused By Road Hazards In Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens

Bronx Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney Glenn A. Herman explains- In some traffic accidents, a party other than the driver or drivers involved may be held responsible for damages. One such case is when road hazards cause an accident. Who is liable for these accidents can depend on a number of factors, including who created the hazard and whether or not the driver took reasonable steps to avoid it. In this article, personal injury attorneys Glenn and Robin Herman discuss causes and liability in traffic accident personal injury cases involving road hazards.

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What Road Hazards Commonly Cause Accidents?

There are many different types of road hazards that commonly cause accidents. Some of these include:

  • Potholes: Potholes are a very common type of road hazard, especially in areas where the weather gets cold and the ground freezes. When water seeps into cracks in the pavement and then freezes, it expands and creates a pothole. Potholes can be very deep and cause serious damage to a vehicle, especially if the driver is going fast.

  • Debris: Debris on the road is another common type of hazard. This can include anything from branches and rocks to glass and metal. This can also include cargo or equipment that has fallen off of vehicles, or fallen trees and tree limbs. Debris can cause a flat tire, damage to the car’s exterior, or even an accident if the driver swerves to avoid it and hits another vehicle.

  • Animal crossings: Animals crossing the road can also be a hazard, especially at night. A collision with a live animal can hurt or kill both the animal and the occupants of the vehicle, and hitting an animal carcass on the road can also cause an accident.

  • Poor weather conditions:


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