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In the wake of the NYC car crash, seven cars were smashed and an outdoor dining shed was destroyed.

Late night on September 24, the driver of a red Nissan smashed into several cars and then into a dining shed. The incident happened along East 111st in East Harlem at approximately 10:15 pm. The driver of the Nissan fled on foot after injuring four people, causing wreckage to six cars and destroying the dining shed.

Fortunately, there were no casualties.

Most people are unaware that when an innocent diner is injured or killed because a reckless hit and run driver plows into an outdoor dining shed, they have insurance protection and benefits from their own automobile insurance company. This is the law in New York State. Even though their car or vehicle had nothing to do with the collision. This is known as uninsured motorist insurance and provides an extensive amount of insurance protection to families.

The same would apply to the four people injured by the driver of the red Nissan who fled the scene.

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