Truck Driver Kills Carling Mott on a Bike on the Upper East Side


Unfortunately, Ms. Mott is the 12th cyclist to be killed in the City this year

Upper East Side Report – New York The death of 28 year old Carling Mott on Tuesday morning is tragic and horrific. Our hearts go out to her family and friends. While the exact details of the collision with the tractor trailer that killed her are still developing, we do know that a painted bike lane that might have saved her life was not present because of the efforts of that upper east side neighborhood’s residents.

As reported by many news sources, the residents object to having a simple white line painted on the street that would have given cyclists a dedicated lane to ride in. Cars and trucks are not allowed to travel over the bike lanes. Had there been a bike lane, this incident might never have happened and Ms. Mott would still be with us today.

“Unfortunately, Ms. Mott is the 12th cyclist to be killed in the City this year.” NYC Bike Accident Lawyer Glenn A. Herman.

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