Glenn A. Herman Explains legal standpoint on boating accident on the Hudson River

Breaking News: NYC Boat Accident & Wrongful Death Lawyer Glenn A. Herman Explains legal standpoint on boating accident on the Hudson River. reports that a woman and child were killed in a boating accident on the Hudson River

The tragic deaths of 7-year-old Julian Vasquez and 47-year-old Lindelia Vasquez after the boat they were on capsized in the Hudson River on Tuesday is gut wrenching.  Our hearts go out to their families.

The preliminary investigation revealed that the 27-foot pleasure craft might have been carrying more passengers than the boat could safely hold.  That could be one reason why it was reported that the owner of the boat was following behind it on a jet ski.

The U.S. Coast Guard cautions against overloading in its safety tips saying: “Do not carry more passengers than a boat is designed for. Check the boat’s maximum capacity plate (if equipped). Do not carry more passengers or more weight than the boat is designed for. Overloading can cause the boat to ride lower in the water, reduce the vessel’s stability and greatly increase the chance of capsizing. Additionally, too much weight on one side of the boat can cause the vessel to list and increase the chances of capsizing.”

From a legal standpoint, if the boat was overloaded, there might be responsibility against the captain, the owner of the boat and the person or company that rented the boat to this family for this horrific tragedy.

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