Who Is Liable for E-Bike Accidents in New York City?


Who Is Liable for E-Bike Accidents in New York City? New York City-based E-Bike Personal Injury Attorney

Who Is Liable for E-Bike Accidents in New York City? Resource by New York City E-Bike Personal Injury Lawyer

The popularity of e-bikes has risen dramatically in the two years since the vehicles were fully legalized for ownership and rental in New York City. As pedestrians, cyclists, and automobile drivers adapt to the presence of e-bikes on the road across the five boroughs, accidents involving e-bikes are also on the rise.

In this article, New York City personal injury attorneys Glenn and Robin Herman explain which parties may be held liable in NYC e-bike personal injury cases.

Who Can Be Held Responsible for E-Bike Accidents Under New York Law?

Identifying the liable party in a New York City e-bike accident case will depend on the exact circumstances of the case. If you have been injured in an e-bike accident, be sure to contact a reputable NYC personal injury attorney who will protect your rights and obtain the maximum settlement or verdict in your case.

  • Pedestrians. In some cases, negligent pedestrians can be held responsible for an accident involving an e-bike. For example, a pedestrian who is pedestrian, a pedestrian who is crossing against the light or a pedestrian who does not have the right of way and is texting or not paying attention can cause a danger. If a cyclist has to unexpectedly swerve to avoid the pedestrian and gets injured as a result, the pedestrian may be liable for the accident.

  • Cyclists and other e-bike riders. Similarly, another cyclist (either on a traditional bike or an e-bike) who is going in the wrong direction or not complying with traffic control devices (stop and yield signs and red lights), could also be responsible for an injury causing accident or a or direct collision. E-scooter riders can also cause accidents with e-bike riders, other…


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