Personal Injury Overview

Each year, millions of people in the United States are injured in accidents.  Many of these accidents are unfortunately caused by the preventable carelessness.  The law protects those harmed by negligent parties and allows the injured person to seek compensation for their suffering.  If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident resulting from negligence or intentional harm, you may be entitled to receive just compensation for your physical, psychological and economic injuries.

To protect your rights and make certain that you are taking all of the necessary actions in the recovery process, you should contact a qualified personal injury lawyer. Our law firm has been representing seriously injured New Yorker’s for over 25 years and handles all types of personal injury cases.

We take the time to learn every aspect of your case during our initial meeting in order to properly evaluate the full extent of the damages you or a loved one have suffered. We then provide you with our assessment of your case.  If we accept your case, we immediately begin the process of gathering evidence to support your claim.  We routinely work with medical professionals, forensic experts and private investigators that can conduct a detailed investigation and produce an analysis of your case.

While our law firm cannot undo injury or suffering, we can help obtain significant damages for our injured clients.  We are dedicated to obtaining the very best recovery possible for you through experienced, professional and aggressive representation.